I have a passion for working with coaches to support them as they grow their practices and create the life they desire. Having coached more than 200 coaches over the past 18 years, I am tremendously proud of the professional growth and success of so many.

I hold the distinctions of ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), Past-President of International Coach Federation (ICF), Certified Mentor Coach, Coach U Certified Master Coach (CCMC) and Professional Mentor Coach (PMC). My style is supportive, warm, and light! I work with coaches as they create and develop their own materials and personal work space. A typical early stage of our coaching process includes looking at possible client bases, and 'strategizing' with my coach-clients to create a plan for educating, attracting, and enrolling potential clients into their practices. I also work with my clients to create a life that will be a strong attraction for future clients, as well as a delight to experience.

Sharing materials, ideas, shortcuts, and "insider" tips provides coach-clients with a smoother and more efficient launch of their own coaching business. Working with me provides the advantage of access to the effective resources of the hundreds of coaches with whom I have worked, and the large number of successful coaches with whom I have close professional relationships.

I believe that support and enthusiasm are infinitely helpful as the newer coach navigates the unfamiliar waters of feeling like a fraud, wondering if they can actually be a successful coach, or knowing what step to take next. I usually have more faith in my clients than they have in themselves! I love the Coaching profession and am always thrilled to have the opportunity to support other Coaches to succeed and make a positive impact in the world...through the 'pebble in the pond' theory, my personal impact grows exponentially!